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May 28, 2020

5 Amazing Benefits Of Business Process Automation (BPA) Software

According to a McKinsey research survey, 45% of workplace activities (around $2 trillion in wages) can be automated. Now, you might wonder how this is related to your business.

Your HR system, expense filing, inventory management system – basically anything that is repetitive or follows a set number of steps can likely be automated through BPA software.

May 28, 2020

Stop Wasting Money And Implement Business Process Automation

What is Automation?

To put it simply, automation is the creation of a process that can be performed with little to no human interaction. The time we save from using computers or our phones is well worth the cost of buying them. Imagine having to create financial reports without Excel or not having a phone to quickly look something up before a meeting. These may not seem like examples of automation but without Excel you would have to create reports by hand (including all those formulas) and without a phone and the internet, you’d have to open some books or actually talk to your coworkers (oh no). These are simply tools that we use to make work and life easier.